List Authors Widget 1.0

Display a list of authors in your WordPress Sidebar Widgets linking to the authors.php page.




  • Optionally exclude Administrator account from the list.
  • Use either full names or login names in the list.
  • Optionally hide Authors without any posts.
  • Works in current versions of all browsers.


  • If you’re metablogging or hosting a blog network, this is a must!



No license; just trying to help out the WordPress community. Feel free to implement whenever you like. All I ask is that you leave a comment/trackback here so others can see your implementation.


Version 1.0:
Tested with WordPress 2.0.2 and 2.0.3

Plugin Installation:

  1. Unzip/upload to /plugins directory.
  2. Activate via WordPress Plugins tab.

50 thoughts on “List Authors Widget 1.0

  1. Justin Wong Post author

    Hey, great widget. But I’m wondering if its possible to add the number of posts published by each author right next the name, displayed in the list? Like weblogsinc blogs? Cos I was just thinking that that would be a great feature..

  2. MorpheoZ Post author

    Great widget… I was about to start writing some code to do exactly this when I decided to google it and I found your site… You just saved me some time!

    Thanks a Lot!

  3. Michael Post author

    Your plugin works fine in FF but in IE a part of the list under my mouse disappears when I move up, moving down it works. Do you know the reason? The other parts in the sidebar are working very well.

  4. Nandan Jha Post author

    lovely, it took me less then 2 mins to set it all up. By the way it works with WP 2.2.

    check out at

    Good work. Probably this must be one of those few times when I did something like this so quickly.

    Thanks Mike.

  5. Nandan Jha Post author

    Hi Mike,

    Feature Request – Author name is linked to its URL and the count is linked to ‘Search of his posts’.

    Any luck :)

    Would be useful for people where multiple people write at a single blog


  6. Anji Post author

    Is there a way to make this more usable? for example, I noticed that unless I hide empty authors, every subscribed user shows up on the list. Also, can it be modified to highlight a featured author, or a guest blogger? or even rate authors by popularity? Thanks, anji

  7. Giuly Post author

    Awesome plugin! it took me just few seconds and it works perfectly! is there a possibility to link the authors’ names to their respective email addresses instead oflinking them to their page?

  8. Robyn Post author

    I’ve got the plugin installed and working, but the author names run together on the same line. Is this styling issue or something to configure in the plugin?

  9. Robyn Post author

    I figured it out. The css for the sidebar ul needed to have a display: block property. Added that and it’s fine.

  10. WBK Post author

    I’m looking for something to de-list authors after they haven’t posted for a set amount of time. Like Recent and All Anything around like that?

  11. Stéphane Post author

    Great plugin works fine (I have been using it for a year or so).
    I also would need the facility to take out form the list acertain numberrs of authors, would it be automatic (time since last post) or by typeing the name.

    Thank you

  12. Diana Post author

    Thanks for the mod, Michael Michael! That worked for me. Maybe I was having that error because I hadn’t updated the widget configuration. I initially got the same error with your version as well, but after I updated the settings, it works fine.

  13. estetik Post author

    Hola! estupendo trabajo con el widget, acabo de probarlo con un blog que me han encargado y funciona estupendamente.

    un saludete desde Asturias vecino!

  14. Lucas Post author

    Implemented your widget and it’s working fine. Thank you, it was a big help.

    I’m working on a blog for a local news station and they are insisting that they have their “on-air” personalities picture next to their Authors. I’m using a “post-Avatar” widget to show their picture next to their post.

    I wonder if there is a way to get an avatar image next to the author listing in your widget.

  15. Nandan Post author

    Same request as above. Also any plans to order the list based on contribution, so one who writes most is on top and so on.

    Its working very well. Recently I installed another one
    but went back to this one quickly.

    It has worked fantastic for me.

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  17. Starving Artist Post author

    Thanks for the widget. I don’t see why this isn’t built-in to Word Press to begin with. The ability to display the author’s gravitar next to their name would be awesome.

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